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Why should you invest with us?

Be In Market provides the investor with advantages that are difficult to find in any other investment company that offers you.

  • Complete security for the investor to achieve full ownership of his project
  • All the investor’s money is in his project’s bank accounts
  • The investment project starts after the investor approves a comprehensive feasibility study
  • Your project is managed by experts who specialize in the field in which your project works
  • Be In Market interest in providing its services with high professionalism to ensure the success of the ct

Your successful project

Feasibility study

Every successful investment project depends mainly on a comprehensive professional feasibility study for all aspects of the investment project through which the investor can make the decision to approve the project and his feeling of investment security, the size of returns, and the level of risk.

Be In Market also provides feasibility studies for investment projects in several sectors, the most important of which are

The businesswomen sector – the commercial and service sector – the industrial sector – the medical and health sector – the technical and information sector – the agricultural and animal sectors – the tourism and entertainment sector

Tools necessary for the success and continuity of your project

Evaluation service for companies and institutions

This is done by consultants and experts at Be In Market and its partners by providing this service, whether for the purpose of evaluation to know its investment position on the ground, to sell the company, or to enter new partners in it.

Be In Market has provided this service to its customers in order to provide all the tools necessary for the success and continuation of their projects.

The evaluation process consists of several main steps:

  • Bidaya carries out a limited review of all papers and budgets of the facility being evaluated
  • After that, the macroeconomic indicators of the country to which the facility is affiliated are analyzed from growth indicators to inflation rates, employment and unemployment indicators, etc. to determine the expected growth opportunities in the country.
  • Then we perform an analysis of the activity on which the project is based, to determine the growth opportunities of the project itself and the strength and weakness factors in it
  • Then we study and analyze the financial position of the facility so that the investor knows the details of the financial position of the project, the extent of its profitability and the strength of its financial position, and determines the areas of growth on which the expectations assumptions for future business will be based, which will be the same as the evaluation assumptions on which the fair value of the facility is based
  • Finally we give a final evaluation of the project

Embrace emerging entrepreneurial ideas and projects

Business incubators for companies

In support of the creative ideas emerging from our wonderful youth and the ambition to enter the business world

Be In Market embraces emerging entrepreneurial ideas and projects and studies them in a detailed and comprehensive manner and presents after its studies:

  • Investment feasibility study services for it
  • Financial financing services
  • Management and operation services for these projects
  • Marketing services for her

Investment, its challenges and the position of the markets

Forums and investment courses

 Be In Market is an international investment forum, to be scheduled later, accompanied by specialized courses in local and international investment sciences, through which senior experts and consultants from all over the world, businessmen and industrialists of all nationalities are invited in Turkey and the Arab world

In it, the investment situation, its financial, social and political challenges, the safe local and international markets, and the risk ratios are discussed

Be In Market is a smart and safe investment company for development projects with an attractive profit return for all our customers, regardless of their culture, and an international marketing company through its branches an.

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