Investment sectors

The investment sector for businesswomen

  • Beauty centers and body care sector
  • Fashion and Design Sector (Men Women Children)
  • Accessories and jewelry sector and its design
  • Wedding sector and wedding services
  • Sweets and restaurants sector
  • Nursery centers and children’s schools sector

Investing in the tech sector and the digital world

  • Electronic store projects across the digital world
  • Computer companies and smart communication devices projects
  • Projects for a specialized technology and information company
  • Projects of a specialized software company (digital platforms and applications)
  • Security systems companies projects (protection and surveillance)

Investment in the industrial sector

  • The bakery and oven industry
  • The packaging industry sector
  • Cheese and dairy industry
  • Plastic industry sector
  • Food industry sector
  • Juice and healthy water industry
  • Block industry, building and construction products sector

Investment in the educational sector

  • Private universities and colleges sector
  • Schools and private institutes sector
  • Sector Education Centers and Training
  • Sector of Research Centers and Strategic Studies

Investing in the medical sector

  • Private hospital sector
  • Specialized clinics centers sector
  • Medical laboratory sector in all its specialties
  • The pharmaceutical sector

Investing in the tourism and entertainment sector

  • Tourism cities construction sector
  • The entertainment centers sector
  • Entertainment cities sector
  • Tourist chalets sector
  • Tourist office sector
  • Medical tourism sector

Investing in the real estate sector

  • Fully real estate projects (construction, rental, sale)
  • Property management project and real estate projects
  • Construction company project

Investing in the commercial and service sector

  • Retail and supermarket projects
  • Car showroom projects
  • Student services office projects
  • Car rental companies project
  • Project of transport and shipping companies
  • Project of companies organizing conferences and exhibitions

Investing in the restaurants and cafes sector

  • Oriental restaurants project
  • Western restaurants project
  • Eastern or Western sweets project
  • Specialty cafe project
  • A cafe project with chocolate products and western sweets

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