If you are going to launch a project or institution, whether for profit or not. You need a start in building your branding and visual identity. But you have to pay attention here!

Perhaps your imagination will run wild when we mentioned building a brand, that we mean to design your own logo, and here let me tell you, my friend, that the logo is only a small part of the brand, which includes several overlapping elements.

Brand, visual identity

There is usually confusion here as well, as many believe that the brand or corporate identity, as some people call it, is the same as the visual identity, and in this case I will assure you that they are two different things, and that the visual identity is also one of the elements of the brand, to simplify the matter we must First, we list some quick definitions of the brand and its interconnected elements.


It is the graphic element that is used to refer to an institution or one of its projects or products, and one entity can have several logos together, such as if the company has its general logo that symbolizes the company, and also has other sub-logos used with some of its products, and for your logo to be successful, it must be It fulfills two conditions, the first of which is to be distinguished from the logos of your competitors, and the second is to be quick to stick to memory.

Visual identity:

More comprehensive than the logo, as the logo is the main component in it, as it consists of the logo after it interferes with a group of lines, colors, shapes and the rest of the other visual components, and this is what is known as the visual identity that appears in publications, seals, uniforms, personal cards, and others.

The institution may not be limited to its visual identity only, it may need an audio, kinetic or textual identity, such as television news channels, for example, as it has sounds and musical pieces that distinguish it from others, and has its own editorial line and writing style of its own, and it has that distinctive style to move the logo and elements of identity Visualization during its appearance in the realization of video and motion graphics.

trade mark:

The brand is created from the blending of all the previous elements of visual, auditory, kinetic identity and others with the ethical and market systems adopted by the institution in terms of vision, mission, values, goals, style, style, methods of communication with customers, means of display and sale, and in a simple way the brand is the reflection that it makes. The organization itself is in the minds of its customers, and you can ask yourself what will come to your mind first when mentioning companies such as Apple, Samsung or Pepsi, for example.

After reading this article you are ready to start building your brand, you now understand the difference between branding, visual identity and logo.

Writer / Idris Rashad